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hello! appleberry just coming out. appleberry get started on 30 november 2012. last year appleberry was born. appleberry created under Ghea and Nana. We share about daily life, daily inspiration, crafting, some tutorial, recipes and many more. You can get some tutorial or freebies to download for free! Just email us on and keep in touch with us on blog, twitter, facebook and instagram. Feel free to leave some comment :)

We hope it all is inspiring! Love you guys!

it us! ghea - nana

Nana's talk (
Hay! It's me Mauizah Hasanah. Just say hello to me with Nana. It's simple. Here i am, as a creator of appleberry with ghea. I'm so grateful to meet with her. we know each other but the times was come into us when we on 17th. we have in same class then we talk about everything and it make a relationship between us. Our likes was same most. I like design, vintage, and cute things, everything on them, about interior, stuff, food or cake with the sprinkels on them, fashion, like a dress with polcadot pattern mixed with beautiful lace, and Ghea's too. We also like hang out to cafe with unique interior and food in. Then we use the time for talking and talking. Sometimes we have a similiar first sight then we said "Omg! They were so cute! And It happened often. first, i just like about keep stalking on them. but Ghea was mostly like to created by hers. until she asked me to make something, to dreaming. And yes, I was influenced by her. Then, we have a big dream. we talked about it everyday. We plan for everyday. Until we call it appleberry.

ghea's talk (
hello, im ghea safferina adany. im so happy to introduce my self here, in our appleberry blogs because the appleberry is one of my dream, to having blogs to share everythings about the beautiful in life. I have this idea from so long time ago but i cant realisizing it because so much reason, until i meet Nana in my last year of vocational school.
i dont know what i must to say when i found someone who have similliar interest with me and always give good reaction when i talked about something. i love crafting, photography, cooking, sewing, drawing, traveling to the new place, and i also get over excited when found something cute.
i have so much plan to do with everything i like but i never meet the right partner, until i meet her.Yes, she is nana, my deskmate that mean so much things to me. its not something easy to meet with someone who have same idea, same hobby, same interesting, and same vision, but i found her. A very talk active girls that try to collaborate her idea with mine to be one. We give name for our collaboration "appleberry"

keep in touch with us, and enjoy reading our blogs! byeee! :D

nana - ghea

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