We Are On Tokopedia!

3:04 PM

Hello! We have a good news. Beside our website is under maintenance for build shop, We decided to make an account in www.tokopedia.com which is we have post our catalog there and you can purchase it there! Why? It’s easy you know. You just click and click then your order is already in our notification that its means your order is ready to ship. You can also ask us about anything in our product and we just quickly to reply it. But, it does’nt mean our mobile number is inactive but to decrease sometimes-human-mistake and lately on reply your message.
How to access helloappleberry on tokopedia.com ?
  1. Search “helloappleberry” on search bar.
    1Search according to “Nama toko” Then it will appear like this
  2. Then click and welcome to our shop!
    3Then I will buy that Chalkboard – Mint Frame, So I click on to that
  3. You will be enter in a page like this and click “beli” button
  4. Ah yes, To shop at tokopedia you must have an account. It’s easy, just register your email there and you will got notification on your email and little tour from tokopedia. Then, you’re will happy to shop! Oke back, if you already registered you will get this page. Fill the form correctly, Because its really important to make sure that you’re order are arrive to your door savely.
  5. If you’re pretty sure with what you already write down to that form you got your next step. Paying! Choose your media to pay.
    Scroll down and clik “Bayar”8
  6. The next step is tokopedia just wanna make sure that your detail order are correct.
  7. Click this button if you already do transfer.
Easy right? So, Happy shopping!
Warm Hug,

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