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Hello, Happy lovely february! It's happy to hear february as a month full of loves, when people share their loves to their loved one. And in this lovely month, we happy to announce that we will start our hook up with our readers to share their story on this web! So, here one of our friends, Fira from Lost in Europe blog, who also inspiring us by her easygoing-way tell story. She will share her "Chocolate Lava Cake" recipes.  No much talks, here we go, Fira! (ps: be careful, this post can make you hungry!)
Literally, chocolate lava cake is a simple half-baked chocolate cake with a sense of melted chocolate mixture in the middle of the cake. Basically, the melted chocolate mixture is already cooked perfectly but hasn’t setted yet. I’m dying to try this recipe because I found that it just so easy (virtually) BUT I’ve tried about 7 times during my weekend to make it melted perfectly as it should be. IT TECHNICALLY HARD FOR ME. Many factors are impacted to the result. In the video of how to make a chocolate molten lava cake shown that the he used muffin tray while I used a ramekin. He used cooking spray so the cake won’t sticking on the tray, while I spread the butter on my ramekin, AND I was intentionally to make half portion from the original ingredients. The measurment of ingredients are actually enough for about 8-9 portion and I cut it down into the half, so mine are enough for about 3-4 portion (using ramekin). In the video, you have to use ½ cup of purpose flour and since I made it half from the original measurment I should add ¼ cup but I missed it hahahaha I was poured ½ cup of purpose flour while the measurment is half for each ingredients. It may be one of the factor but it didn’t take much effect to be honest. I think the major effect are caused by ramekin and my oven, but it was all okay I still got close-to-perfect result of chocolate lava cake on my 6th and 7th attempt :’)
So here are the ingredients you will need (with my version) :
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If you like to make it exactly like the original version, just doubled the measurment but keep the purpose flour at ½ cup.

First step, you need to melt the chocolate bars along with butter in a double boiler. Boil some water in the pot and put a heat-resistant bowl or stainless steel bowl on your pot, don’t let your bowl touch the boiled water. If you still confuse, just type double boiler on youtube or google, they will show you a clear explanation and technic heheheh. Melt it perfectly then set aside.

Second, mix your eggs about 5 minutes along with sugar ‘til the mixture looked pale-yellow. Pour your chocolate mixture into the eggs and mix it about 10 minutes or until everything mix well. Don’t forget to add some vanilla powder. All done. Easy right?

Now this is the challenging time. The baking! The video told me that 8 minutes with 275º C are enough and perfect. First attempt of mine (with 8 minutes plus 275º C) was totally failed! The taste was ahmazing but the base didn’t set perfectly so it leaked and the mixture are spilled out. BUT THE TASTE WAS AHMAZING! Second attempt. Still with 275º C but little longer. I took 10 minutes, and the result was way to perfect. It cook perfectly, ‘til I didn’t find any melted mixture inside the cake T.T it means the cake was cooked way too deep, and it shouldn’t be like that. FINALLY, the 6th attempt was better than before.
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The 6th cake was for Ibu (since January 3rd was her birthday), I put a single candle at the top of the cake for her, and the 7th attempt was for me. I used 8 or 9 minutes (kinda forgot) with temperature about 300º C that time and it didn’t that melt. It melted indeed but it wasn’t sooo overrated. Actually you can set the temperature and time according to the condition of your oven. You should pay attention to how much the mixture on your ramekin, as well. I might poured my mixture too little, coupled with the diameter of my ramekin which might too wide so the volume was not propotional. Some oven is not equipped with full heating process, just like mine so the result and the process may little different from the reference. I suggest you to understand the characteristics of your own equipment better. Good luck! :)

P.S. : It would be great if you choose dark chocolate, so you’ll find that ‘bitter-sweet symphony’ on your lava cake!
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